Jan 1, 2009
Quintessential Launches
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NOV. 1, 2008
Quintessential Launches a new design for their corporate website.
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I had Quintessential develop a web site for The Healing Arts about 7 years ago, I have been quite satisfied with it and even got complements on it and yes the price was right. I like Quintessential's work and service and their ability to give me what I want.

->Patrick Weseman

We are your all inclusive “One Throat to Choke” answer to all of your web development, design, hosting, and Marketing Needs.
Never again work with someone who says “I don't know how to do that” or “That is not in my skillset” or worse yet runs out and copies some thing random they found on the Internet rather than admit they didn't know how to do it.
Never again have your host blame your developer or your developer blame your designer.
Never again have your designer fight with your SEO specialist. Never again get nibbled one little thing after another that you thought was included in your service.
At Q.B.S. We take full responsibility for your whole project from stem to stern.
Think of us as the general contractor of the project constructing your overall unified Internet Strategy. We only work with vetted professionals and we make sure your project has your desired results.
Our process is simple:
1) We Interview you and find out what you expect to get out of your Internet Systems, including your website, your email marketing strategies, your social media marketing strategies, your SEO, your pay per click marketing, your display ad marketing, your shopping cart, and your automated customer service systems. This is the first step in the process because we believe it is more important to know what you want then it is to tell you what you should do and everything should start with you and your needs.
2) We then share with you opportunities we feel you've missed to see if you want to add them to your wish-list. We understand you are a profession but so are we and we'd hate to have you miss something that would have made a difference in your business.
3) Lay out a strategy in a Discovery document. This document is extremely valuable and will guide your future methods of working with all your Internet based systems. There is a small fee for this document but that fee is co-opted towards any future work. You will find this to be the most valuable step in the process and even if you choose not to move forward with us this document will guide you.
4) We choose a graphic designer to work with you. You see, we've come to learn that graphic design is truly an art form and like all forms of art those who create the art have a natural style, yes each can make a variety of work but the artist's inherent style still comes through. We feel it is important to match the style of your business to the style of the artist and by not having in-house artists we are not obliged to use a specific artist just to make that artist's salary. This is truly a match making venture.
5) We work with the artist and you to come to a design that you will be happy with for your new web site, because your web site is the cornerstone of all your systems. We know that some times artists can get carried away and get too much into the art and forget the business side of things, it is our goal to validate their work and make sure it will have the desired affect on the client rather than just “look pretty”
6) From there our Staff will implement your final design on a managed web system giving you the access you need to manage your content without the worries of breaking the design.
As for Steps 7, 8, 9.... etc... Those will be unique to you and part of your Discovery document.
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